20 Top AI Tools For Business For Productivity & Generating Revenue

Discover 20 powerful AI tools that can transform your business strategy, ranging from automation to analytics, and revolutionize the way you operate.

Top AI Tools For Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword; it's a reality that is transforming the way businesses operate. From automating mundane tasks to providing valuable insights, top AI tools for business are revolutionizing corporations and helping companies stay ahead of the competition.

In this article, we'll explore the top AI tools for business, free or paid, that are changing the game for industries of all sizes.

20 Top AI Tools for Business:

1- ChatGPT

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a chatbot powered by large language models. It can hold conversations, answer your questions in an informative way, and even generate creative text formats, which makes it one of the best AI tools for business writing. Businesses can leverage this to improve customer service by providing 24/7 chat support with a conversational AI, or by automating tasks like writing reports or summarizing data. It can also be used for brainstorming marketing ideas or generating different creative text formats. It is one of the best AI tools for business.

Introducing ChatGPT
We’ve trained a model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.

2- Claude 2

Claude 2 is an advanced large language model (LLM) similar to ChatGPT, but with some key improvements that make it attractive for businesses. The key differentiators are its ability to process much larger amounts of text (up to 75,000 words), work with multiple files, and stay up-to-date with information. This makes it the best AI tool for business productivity, for tasks like analyzing lengthy documents and generating different creative text formats, which could be beneficial for business activities like research, content creation, and marketing. Additionally, it's described as being more natural and engaging in conversation compared to ChatGPT, potentially making it a better choice for chatbot interactions.

Claude 2: A guide to Anthropic’s AI model and chatbot
To help address the risk of generative AI risk, Anthropic developed their own large language model (LLM), Claude 2, and a chatbot version called Claude. Here’s why it matters.

3- Midjourney

Midjourney is an AI image generation platform that uses natural language descriptions to create unique visuals. Businesses can find this valuable because it eliminates the need for traditional photography – no models, sets, or photographers are required.  Instead, users simply describe their desired image through text prompts, and Midjourney generates several options. This allows for quick and cost-effective creation of images for marketing materials, newsletters, or even product prototypes.

Midjourney AI - Free Image Generator
Use Midjourney online and for free. This AI chatbot will allow you to generate AI images in a few seconds. Just send any prompt to Midjourney and get a unique image!

4- Bardeen

Bardeen is an AI-powered Chrome extension that automates repetitive tasks using artificial intelligence, making it important for businesses.  It can automate tasks across various web applications, freeing up employees' time for more strategic work. Bardeen also offers pre-built automations and the ability to create custom ones,  increasing its flexibility. This can be particularly useful for tasks like data scraping and managing email inboxes. Overall, Bardeen helps businesses streamline workflows and boost efficiency.

Bardeen AI: Automate Browser Apps for Free
Build automation with ChatGPT, Sheets, and other web apps. Scrape, export & extract data with AI to improve sales & productivity

5- Notion AI

Notion AI is a built-in artificial intelligence assistant within the project management and note-taking app Notion. It goes beyond simply storing information like a traditional note-taking app.  Notion AI can brainstorm ideas, helping users overcome creative roadblocks and develop plans. This is particularly valuable for businesses as it can streamline brainstorming sessions and improve overall idea generation. The integration with Super further enhances its usefulness by allowing the creation of websites directly from Notion databases, potentially saving businesses time and resources on web development.

Use Notion AI to write better, more efficient notes and docs
Leverage the capabilities of Notion AI to think bigger, work faster, and augment your creativity. Learn how to use Notion AI to transform text, automate simple tasks, and generate new content inside your connected workspace.

6- Fireflies AI

Fireflies AI is a meeting note-taking tool that uses AI to transcribe conversations and create summaries. This is valuable for businesses because it saves time and improves recall. Meetings can be lengthy and filled with details, and Fireflies AI ensures important information isn't lost by automatically capturing the conversation and condensing it into a clear, searchable format. This allows for easy review later, even if specific details escape your memory during the meeting itself.

Fireflies.ai | AI notetaker to transcribe, summarize, analyze meetings
Fireflies uses generative AI to bring ChatGPT to meetings. Generate transcripts and smart summaries for Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex and several other platforms.

7- Wondercraft AI

Wondercraft AI is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to automate podcast creation.  It takes written content, like a blog post or newsletter, and transforms it into a complete podcast episode with music and narration. This can be a valuable time-saving resource for businesses, especially those that already create written content but want to expand their reach through audio.  Wondercraft allows them to easily convert existing content into podcasts without a large investment of time or resources.

Wondercraft AI: Effortless Podcast Creation Powered by AI | Deepgram
Wondercraft AI is an innovative podcast creation tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help you make professional podcasts easily. Clon…

8- Superhuman

Superhuman is an email client designed to boost productivity, especially for busy professionals. It uses automation and AI features to streamline the emailing process.  Described as an "email assistant," it helps users prioritize emails,  automatically organize them, and even draft responses that match their writing style. This saves  businesses time  by  helping employees  get through their inboxes faster and focus on more important tasks.  Superhuman can also integrate with scheduling systems to prevent  conflicts, ensuring a smoother workflow.

Superhuman | Blazingly fast email for teams and individuals
The fastest email experience ever made. Blazingly fast, delightful, and stress free. Get 4 hours back every single week.

9- Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an all-in-one platform for managing social media presences. It helps businesses by bringing scheduling, content creation, analytics, and monitoring conversations (social listening) into a single dashboard. This simplifies managing multiple social media accounts, saves time, and allows businesses to understand what content resonates with their audience. By seeing what works and what doesn't, businesses can optimize their social media strategy and improve their online presence.

Hootsuite Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons
Hootsuite is one of the oldest social media management tools in the industry. It boasts a wide feature set that serves as a digital social media manager. Granted, it doesn’t eliminate the need for an in-house marketing professional but it does help supercharge their social media marketing efforts. W

10- Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing enhancement tool that leverages AI to go beyond basic spell checking. Launched in 2009, it has grown to include advanced features like paraphrasing and text-generation.  For businesses, Grammarly ensures polished communication across platforms like newsletters and social media. It helps catch typos and grammatical errors, while also suggesting synonyms to improve writing style and flow. This can be crucial for businesses that want to project a professional image and ensure clear communication with clients and colleagues.

Grammarly: Free AI Writing Assistance
Grammarly makes AI writing convenient. Work smarter with personalized AI guidance and text generation on any app or website.

11- Gamma

Gamma is a software program that significantly cuts down the time and effort required to create presentations.  It acts like an automated assistant,  generating full presentations based on just a few prompts and settings you provide.  This can be a huge advantage for businesses as it frees up valuable employee time for other tasks.  While the presentations might need some minor adjustments, Gamma handles the bulk of the work, allowing you to focus on the content and get professional-looking presentations done quickly.

Gamma App: Generate AI Presentations, Webpages & Docs
A new medium for presenting ideas, powered by AI. Create beautiful, engaging content with none of the formatting and design work.

12- Consensus

Consensus can be understood as a research tool that specifically focuses on finding credible sources for your questions. Unlike large language models that might fabricate information, Consensus prioritizes evidence-based answers, particularly from research papers. This is crucial for businesses because it allows them to make informed decisions backed by reliable data,  rather than relying on hunches or anecdotal evidence.

Consensus: AI Search Engine for Research
ChatGPT for Research. Consensus is an AI-powered search engine that finds and summarizes scientific research papers. Just ask a question!

13- Google Sheets AI

Google Sheets AI refers to a set of features that utilize artificial intelligence to automate tasks and improve data management within spreadsheets. This is important for businesses because it saves time and effort.  The  "Help me organize" prompt allows users to give instructions in plain language, prompting the AI to generate custom tables and templates for tasks like trip planning or budget tracking. This eliminates the need for manual setup and frees up employees to focus on analysis and other strategic uses of the data.

Organize with AI in Google Sheets - Google Docs Editors Help
Important: This article is referring to Google Workspace Labs, which is a trusted tester program for users to try new AI features. The Workspace Labs program is currently available to trusted testers

14- Podium

Podium is an all-in-one platform that uses AI to streamline customer interactions and boost business growth. It centralizes communication through features like webchat, text messaging, and phone calls. Businesses can leverage Podium's AI to automate tasks such as sending targeted marketing campaigns and responding to customer reviews, saving them time and effort.  This focus on efficient communication helps improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn, ultimately giving businesses a competitive edge.

Podium | Tools to Convert and Manage Leads
Podium helps local businesses get more customers and give them better experiences with easy-to-use growth, communication, and payment tools.

15- Google Gemini

Google Gemini is a cutting-edge AI model designed to be a game-changer for businesses. It's known for its versatility, understanding different formats of information like text, code, and images. This lets it handle various tasks, from complex data analysis to creative content generation. Businesses can leverage this for tasks like summarizing market research or crafting marketing campaigns. Gemini also comes in different sizes, from powerful models for heavy-duty tasks to efficient versions for mobile devices. This allows businesses to choose the right tool for the job, making AI technology more accessible.

Google Gemini 101: Your Complete Guide!
Discover the power of Google Gemini with this comprehensive AI guide, Google Gemini 101.

16- Crayon AI

Crayon AI is a software platform that uses artificial intelligence to give businesses a competitive edge. It tracks your competitors in real-time, analyzing things like news articles and market trends. This allows you to make data-driven decisions to stay ahead. Crayon AI can also help with tasks like document analysis and optimizing business processes. Overall, it's a valuable tool for businesses to stay informed and make strategic decisions, but it's important to be aware of potential limitations like technical disruptions and ethical considerations around data collection.

Fuel your future with AI | Crayon - Crayon
It’s time to harness the power of AI for operational efficiency

17- Otter.ai

Otter.ai is an AI-powered transcription service that businesses can use to automatically capture and document spoken conversations during meetings or interviews.  It goes beyond simple recording by using AI to transcribe speech into text in real-time, allowing participants to focus on the conversation itself.  This not only improves efficiency but ensures important information isn't missed.  Otter.ai even offers a real-time AI assistant that can answer questions within the meeting. With its user-friendly interface and various plans, Otter.ai is a valuable tool for businesses that need to accurately record and document conversations.

Otter.ai - AI Meeting Note Taker & Real-time AI Transcription
Otter.ai uses an AI Meeting Assistant to transcribe meetings in real time, record audio, capture slides, extract action items, and generate an AI meeting summary.

18- Bricabrac AI

Bricabrac AI is a software designed specifically for businesses to create web applications without needing to write code. This is particularly valuable because it allows businesses to rapidly bring their ideas to life as functional apps, potentially improving workflows and boosting sales. While there is a learning curve involved and it relies on AI functioning correctly, the ability to quickly prototype and implement web applications makes Bricabrac a popular tool for businesses.

Bricabrac AI App Generator
Generate Web Apps for free using AI without code. Instantly create apps with our AI generator. Simply describe what you want! No coding required. GPT-4 App generator to go from text to a full working app. Like ChatGPT for making apps. Now you dont need to know how to code to make custom apps, tools and games.

19- Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai is an AI writing assistant designed to supercharge content creation for marketing teams and businesses. It uses machine learning to generate various marketing materials, from blog posts to social media content, at a much faster pace than a human writer.  This can be a huge time saver, especially for small businesses. Jasper.ai offers a wide range of templates and flexibility for different content needs. However, it's important to remember that AI-generated content might lack the human touch, so editing and revision are still crucial.

Jasper | AI copilot for enterprise marketing teams
Enterprise-grade AI tools to help marketing teams achieve both speed and performance.

20- Eightify

Eightify is a software that uses AI to summarize YouTube videos, aiming to save businesses time.  It extracts key points and important information from videos, allowing users to quickly grasp the content without having to watch the entire thing. This is particularly helpful for businesses that need to stay informed on industry trends or competitor activity found on YouTube.  While Eightify currently focuses on YouTube, it offers a cost-effective way for businesses, especially those in online marketing and entrepreneurship, to process large amounts of video content.

Eightify - YouTube Summary with ChatGPT
YouTube summaries with Eightify: save time on long videos and extract key ideas instantly. AI YouTube video summaries made instantly.


AI tools are revolutionizing business operations and helping companies stay ahead of the competition. By automating tasks, providing valuable insights, and improving efficiency, these tools are essential for businesses of all sizes. When choosing AI tools for business, consider your business needs, ease of use, integration capabilities, and scalability. With the right AI tools for business you can achieve greater success and stay ahead in today's competitive market.

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